AKSKAARI - अक्सकारी

Akskaari depicts the theatre of stitches and embroidery, the ultimate nakkashi on fabric. Aks means reflection or a pratibimb and Kaari here is the pure handcrafted indigenous needlework. We at Akskaari represent the fusion of the traditionally old masterpiece of handcrafted delicate and intricate needlework of Awadhi culture Chikankari and its various modern and trendy variegations.

Akskaari as a new clothing label is dedicated to preserving the pristine Chikankari work, the embellishment of the Awadhi culture & the Mughal era. Our label aims to bring the flavour of true Chikankari, its Tehzeeb, the royal nature of the rustic Nawabi culture particularly the art of clothing with a tinch of new stylish designer apparels with modern trend with a global reach.


Our mission is to provide due honour to chikankari and its artisans through our customer satisfaction.


Akskaari is an indigenous clothing brand that strives to work on outfits for traditionally clubbed women within the modern context and the latest trends.

Pooja Bhaskar Singh


Meet Our Founder

Translating her hobby and sheer love for artistic handcraft on an array of fabrics, Pooja Bhaskar Singh is an MBA Post Graduate in Supply Chain Management from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun, Uttarakhand and now settled in Awadh’s navel: Lucknow. This blend of two states and two cities Dehradun and Lucknow respectively brought an influx of novel ideas, new thoughts, and fresh designer products within the ambit of Chikankari work with a rainbow of opportunities keeping in mind the need of the customer.

Though from a different field altogether her heart always had a beat for Chikankari work, its finesse, styling and custom tailored products. Pooja’s intrinsic motivation turned her teenage hobby into a professional spirit for the betterment of lakhs of unsung ‘heroes & heroins’ and kaarigars to whom we owe a lot & for those kaarigars community-based enhancement is a must, plus the customer’s satisfaction who cherish the royalness of Chikankaari on different fabrics and textures. This is what truly translated into Akskaari: Nakkashi on Fabric, a childhood dream now with a label and a trust of its own.

Fashion is nothing but is sketching the old with a new context.


It all started when I got shifted to City of Nawabs, Lucknow after my marriage. I loved the tranquillity of the place, its marvellous architecture, tempting delectable food & the its ‘adab’ culture. The tehzeeb, adab and the social milieu of Lucknow had an unique eternal peace which was witnessed no where else. I then explored the top notch locations and remote regions to comprehend the process of making a chikankaari product which was indeed laborious yet hedonistic. This pure artwork introduced me to a different world of slow fashion, styling and share elegance. This intricate chikankari work fascinated me a lot and thereafter I visited the roots and dedicated locations of this art witnessing the hardships and magic both at the same time. The handcrafted indigenous needlework chikankaari even today remains a symbol of style, cultural heritage, extravaganza, finesse, and poise clubbed with royalness. Chikankaari work, even in this modern era have deep traditional and inter-generational knowledge within which is being reflected in the sophisticated craftsmanship.

Chikankaari remains an intricate, detailed work on multitude number of fabrics which was a window for showcasing the Awadhi culture depicting various sort of flora & fauna including natural entities, floral designs, peculiar designs symmetrical as well as lop-sided visualisations, Gestált configurations and patterns and even the architectural ‘Jaali work’ transcribed on a variety of fabrics giving numerous possibilities through permutation and combination. Hence, chikankari was not just a piece of apparel for me but truly an artistic masterpiece which depicted culture, biota, unique tradition, customs, architecture embellished with stitches of more than 40 kinds. Chikankaari  has a strong evocative power of past glory of Awadh region and Mughal era, through its weavers to ultimate Queen Noor Jahan “Mehr-un-Nissa”. So a simple chikankari suit was almost a theatre where the artisans delicately hand-craft the different motifs which brings life and raunaq to the fabric and the personality, bearing the signature of the place.

This beautiful journey still continues…


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